Gut Health Workshop

Most of us have heard about gut health and maybe know the basics… but what’s all the fuss about?

Gut health is not just about digestion; how happy our belly is effects everything from our mood, brain function, sleep, weight, allergies and immune system. Making sure we have a thriving gut is critical for everyone.

This workshop offers practical dietary and lifestyle tips to nourish and support your gut microbiome, supporting good health, wellbeing and productivity.

Be relaxed ... Be peaceful ... Be positive

It is widely recognised that a positive attitude is important. When our words are positive, our actions and perceptions are positive, there are many benefits to ourselves and others.

When we are in a positive state of mind our body feels relaxed and free … we are able to connect with an abundance of energy.

Practicing relaxation techniques is a key component to developing positivity.

A tense body functions inefficiently and a tense and restless mind will also function inefficiently.

Tai Chi and Qigong

In this session you will learn a qigong set of 18 energy enhancing exercises called Shibashi.

Qigong is a Chinese system of breathing exercises, body postures and movements combined with mental focus for good health and wellbeing.

The benefits include mind and body relaxation, improved balance and flexibility. Once you learn the set of exercises you will have a healthy workout regime for the rest of your life.

Superfoods Workshop

This workshop is packed with practical advice to inform and encourage healthy choices. 

You will learn about the latest ‘superfoods’, with delicious recipes and nutrition tips included with every session.

Our Nutrition Guru introduces foods that provide sustained energy, are easy to prepare and most importantly… delicious to eat!

Men's Health Workshop

We all know most men would rather sit down and discuss the footy scores any day than discuss the state of their health. Research tell us that women seek are far more likely to actively take care of their general wellbeing while for men, health and diet often take a back seat to their busy lives. Consequently their health and energy suffers. We discuss the top 5 health issues facing men – heart disease, diabetes type 2, depression, obesity and prostate cancer – and how simple yoga techniques, dietary and lifestyle changes can both prevent and treat them.

Sleep, Fatigue & Stress Workshop

‘Sleep is the best meditation’.  Dalai Lama

Do you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, unable to get to sleep? Or do you wake from a night’s sleep unrefreshed, not wanting to get out of bed? Our workshop includes yoga, relaxation, breathing exercises and nutritional information to get you sleeping soundly through the night. Experience how deep relaxation truly feels.

Energise and Detoxify for Mind & Body Workshop

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”

Who wouldn’t like to feel more alive, awake, inspired, intelligent and peaceful?Our Detox workshop helps you attain great energy levels, healthy repair and replacement of cells to get you thinking clearly and feeling amazing.

Learn how to incorporate ‘food as medicine’ to get your organs primed and detoxifying optimally along with yoga techniques to cleanse the mind, body and spirit.

Meditation Workshop

This session focuses on meditation as a calming and restful experience.

Taking the time to develop a regular practice of meditation will promote perspective, balance, and focus in life.

The benefits of relaxing through meditation also include feeling refreshed, clear, and positive – and ready to apply passion to work and interests!

Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness is a highly effective way to improve performance and wellbeing in the modern working environment. In a world where our attention is constantly being bombarded and we endlessly multi task, the need for maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment has never been more relevant or important. Our mindfulness workshop aims to build concentration, boost productivity and support healthy minds.  We incorporate simple techniques and practices to help calm and focus a busy mind. 

African Drumming

African Drumming breaks down social barriers in order to allow participants to work efficiently and harmoniously together, with increased focus and reduced stress. Drumming as a team promotes cooperation rather than competition within the workplace. It also encourages personal development, builds team bonds and confidence, celebrates group success and synergy and increases general wellbeing, happiness and energy levels.

Why Quit Sugar

In this nutrition workshop our Nutrition Guru, Lindy Cook,  guides you through the ins and outs of our modern sugar dilemma. Why we are eating so much of it, how it is having such a devastating effect on our health and simple ways to avoid it. Lindy also runs through all the latest ‘healthy’ sugar alternatives available now, their pros and cons and how they can be used in cooking. Every session ends with a taste testing one of our, nutritionist approved, sweet treats.

Fatigue Workshop

How often do we hear the complaint “I’m tired”. Fatigue is an incredibly common issue and it can take a very real toll on our enjoyment of life and productivity in the workplace. Our fatigue workshop addresses the possible nutritional causes of fatigue, including dietary deficiencies and excesses and how making some simple changes can leave more energized, vital and productive.  We also look beyond diet, exploring the idea that having meaning and purpose in our lives is the most important thing we can do for our health and vitality, the importance of rest, and how joy is a crucial part of wellness. How we nourish ourselves, our emotional wellbeing and our stress response play a huge part in our energy levels.

Nutrition for Life Workshop

Just what are the best foods to eat to optimize your health and wellbeing? Keeping up with latest nutrition research isn’t easy but this workshop will get you up to speed. Our qualified Nutritionist discusses how to keep your blood sugar levels balanced, the low down on sugar, good fats and bad fats and a rundown on all the latest ‘superfoods’. Every session ends with a taste testing of one of our, nutritionist approved, sweet treats.

Positive Psychology Workshop

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts”

State of the art research into well-being reveals that happiness can actually be increased and that doing so has measurable impact on health, productivity and well-being. We integrate these exciting new findings with yoga, relaxation and nutrition to expand your happiness footprint and increase your happiness quota.

Laughter Workshop with juggling balls

Laughter exercises are combined with relaxing, breath and mind focused gentle exercise creating a playful and light-hearted group activity. A good laugh with workmates creates a dynamic, interactive and happy team. Having fun and play together is one of the greatest ways to create connection.

If Laughter cannot solve your problems, it will definitely DISSOLVE your problems; so that you can think clearly what to do about them  – Dr. Madan Kataria, founder Yoga Laughter Movement, Mumbai.

Add juggling balls to your laughter session!

Learn how to make juggling balls with balloons and rice. Then learn how to juggle.

A fun workshop where everyone takes their juggling balls home.

Nutrition and Mindfulness for Life Workshop

Nutrition for life gets everyone up to speed on the best foods to eat to optimise health and wellbeing. Every session includes a taste testing of one of our, Nutritionist approved, sweet treats, which is definitely a crowd pleaser!

Mindfulness for life is a highly effective way to improve performance and wellbeing. In a world where our attention is constantly being bombarded, developing mindfulness has never been more relevant or important.

Personal Sustainability Workshop

Are you walking through life unconsciously or with eyes wide open? 

What are the downstream implications of your actions? Personal sustainability is the ability to live fully in the present without compromising the future. This applies to the environment as well as your own personal habits. It involves cultivating a practice of mindfulness in your everyday living. We give you the tools to uncover and minimize your individual ‘footprint’, while maximizing your own health and sense of joy. Our workshop encourages participants to implement their own personal sustainability plan, opening up new ways of thinking and discovering what truly sustains them. We offer insights into how to lead a more fulfilling and sustainable life.

Top Nutritionist's Tips to thrive in the Festive Season

Life seems to speed up a notch (or two) once the festive season begins. End of year work parties, catch ups, warm weather and dinners out, things just start to get just a little crazy. It is great fun socializing, but also can feel like a bit of a survival test. Just how many times can you go out in one week and keep your health and energy levels up?  Still, the goal is to get there feeling pretty good, ready to embrace a new year with spark. These tips will help you get through  not just in one piece, but in great health too.

School Programs

Our well-being program for schools is a fun and active session, packed with practical advice to inform and encourage healthy choices for children and adults alike.

Why nutrition? Because the research shows students learn better when they’re well nourished. Healthy eating has been linked to higher grades, better memory and focus, faster information processing and improved health as well as improved attendance rates.

Why mindfulness meditation? Studies have shown that students trained in mindfulness meditation experienced improvement in working memory and gained an effective and efficient technique for improving cognitive function overall.

Why Yoga? The ancient practice of yoga offers a multitude of benefits to modern-day students at every grade level. Yoga’s combination of breath and movement can help alleviate social and academic stress. With more than 20 million practitioners, yoga is making its way into schools with plenty of potentially positive outcomes.

Hi Lindy, I just wanted to thank you for joining us today and sharing your knowledge. The children and staff were all so engaged and impressed and went away with a new understanding of ‘ food and us’ – it was perfect and I have received lots of positive comments – thank you!

Susan, Murrumbeena Primary


Where are the programs held?

Programs are held at either your business premises or an alternative venue of your choice. Each program has different room requirements, depending upon the number of participants.

Are the programs suitable for complete beginners?

Yes. Our programs are tailored to suit everyone. The idea is that we are introducing you to a new skill. If you currently have some experience in the program on offer, you should still find it interesting as each teacher offers a slightly different approach.

What is the cost of a program?

Because we tailor our wellbeing programs to suit the individual organisation we will give you a quote at the time of your enquiry. Every session we do is so different, in numbers of participants, length of session, venue location, travel time.

To give you an idea of basic costs:

A tai chi workshop for 15 people for 30 – 60 minutes, would be around $240.

A health workshop for 50 people for 1.5 hours would be around $750.

Are your trainers insured?

Yes. All of our trainers are fully insured.

How far ahead do we need to book?

Please provide as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment.

Do you offer longer term packages?

Yes. Longer term packages are available to suit your organisation’s needs.

Are your programs available outside the CBD?

Yes. We are happy to travel to your venue. For locations one hour or more away from the CBD, a travel charge may be applicable.

“In a world where our lives are often too busy to stop, reflect and even truly participate we aim to reconnect your staff with their inner selves, the food they eat, the world around them, so they may find the peace, resilience and happiness they need to shine.”