Corporate Chillout

Workplace wellbeing programs for peace of mind...


Gut Health Workshop

Most of us have heard about gut health and maybe know the basics… but what’s all the fuss about?


Meditation Workshop

This session focuses on meditation as a calming and restful experience.


Welcome to Corporate Chillout.

Our workplace health and wellbeing programs are all about helping your staff connect, or should we say reconnect.

In a world where our lives are often too busy to stop, reflect and even truly participate we aim to reconnect your staff with their inner selves, the food they eat, the world around them, so they may find the peace, resilience and happiness they need to shine. 

We think you will agree our programs are a little different to your run of the mill health & wellbeing workshops.

Our facilitators are leaders in their chosen field. They offer innovative workshops to educate and inspire your staff to create the positive change they need to lead more fulfilling, productive lives.

We look beyond the norm. Our workshops cover all four pillars of wellbeing – Physical (Tai Chi, Yoga), Nutrition,  Emotional (Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Laughter) and Environment  (Personal Sustainability, Engagement with Community & Nature) and more.

Our holistic, supportive and professional approach is 100% relevant to corporate living.

Here at Corporate Chillout we encourage your staff to think and live beyond the status quo. And if they just need to kick back and chill, we have got that covered too.

Contact us to find out how we can best help you and your team Chillout.