We are a dedicated team of health professionals providing wellness programs at your workplace, community centre or conference centre.

We specialise in nutrition seminars, meditation, tai chi and qigong, laughter, health and lifestyle talks and workshops.

Judy Crowe – Administrator, Tai Chi, Qigong, Laughing Chi Teacher

Welcome! I administer Corporate Chillout and my team members, Lindy, our Nutrition Guru and Joanne, our Meditation and Relaxation Teacher.
To stay chilled out myself I practice my Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation. And to stay light and bright I follow my own prescription to include laughs and smiles in every day in every way.

Lindy Cook – Nutritionist, Mindfulness Teacher and Centre for Sustainability Leader

Lindy Cook is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist. Lindy loves to get out into the world and inspire positive food choices. Whether it’s replacing the lolly jar at work with a bowl of fresh fruit and nuts or encouraging you to cook more , Lindy’s aim is getting everyone excited about eating nourishing, healthy foods.

To chill out Lindy practices yoga and loves to get outside, with friends, and walk in nature.  Along with our chillout health talks Lindy runs a nutrition clinic (The Nutrition Guru) and  promotes healthy school lunches. (My Green Lunchbox).



Joanne Jackett – Relaxation and Meditation Teacher

Joanne believes in the importance of creating a balanced life. For this to happen, one must first see the reason for achieving this. The inspiration may come through some form of life or health challenge or it may come through the teaching of someone who demonstrates a balanced life.

Joanne’s teaching incorporates Asana practice, pranayama, relaxation, chanting, meditation and philosophy.

Calm your mind and body with Joanne’s Relaxation audio recording here or visit www.shraddhayoga.com.au/store/relaxation

To listen to Joanne’s full range of relaxation and yoga nidra recordings, see her class timetable and event dates please visit: