Even on our hottest days of summer I stayed chilled this year. Strolling down Melbourne’s hot streets wrapped in my Chilly Pashmina, I was wondering what all the fuss was about. And at night, as a person with NO AIR CON and just a fan, I was cool enough to sleep.

How does it work?

Chilly Pasminas are beautifully soft mesh cool towels that can be used in any manner where rapid personal cooling is desired.

Towel’s fabric is an unique hollow yarn weave and will stay cool for 2 – 3 hours, as long as there is moisture in the fabric. Occasional reactivation may be required. Perfect for the beach, pool, or anywhere on a hot day.

Just wet it, wring it and wave it to shake out any excess dripping water. The rest of the water stays in the cloth and gradually evaporates out. Keeping you oh so cool.

Colour range and size

The colour range suits all tastes with: Spring green, Royal purple, Sunset orange, True blue and, for Melbourne, of course, Ebony black.

Size is 1500 x 750mm

Royal purple

Spring green

Sunset orange

True blue

Ebony black

Chilly pashmina, perfect for travel… now doing the job in Uzbekistan!

“Temperature is 37 and I am cool as a cucumber in my fancy shawl!!”

How to use it:

You can wear around your shoulders or around your neck, however you like!. It even looks cool just scrunched up to scarf size; sorta like James Bond coming out of the sauna look. It’s a good size, being 1500 x 750mm.

And, it’s SPF50.

To order a Chilly Pashmina just Contact us

Cost: $50 plus postage

Be chilled in the heat like us with a chilly pashmina!

How do you care for it?

Machine wash in cold water. Line air dry after use.