Mindfulness – pure and simple … continued, by Joanne Jackett, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Did you manage to STOP then remember to BREATHE?  (refer to Blog below)

Don’t be put off if you didn’t get round to it as often as you wanted to. It is all part of the Practice to just keep on trying.  ‘Keep on keeping on’.

Remember that until you are familiar with the action of STOPPING and you acknowledge that you are actually allowing yourself to stop, then breathe, this next stage can wait even a little longer.

When you do STOP and BREATHE you are being completely Mindful, so you see there is success and progress every step of the way.

So now comes the interesting part.  STILL THE MIND.

I’m sorry to say that rarely, if at all, is the mind completely still. That is not to say that during the process of moving towards stillness there will not be moments or glimpses of stillness. This is where the quality of Patience now comes into it.  Once you begin to recognise the spaces of stillness in between thoughts, you enter a place within yourself, removed from the outer world of distraction and restless thoughts. Be content to rest in that stillness.

Once you are living with the awareness of stopping and breathing and feeling stillness, then the practice of mindfulness can be applied to many situations in everyday life. It is very difficult to be mindful of anything if the mind is racing.

Given the chance, our body and mind is very good at catching on to what serves us well.

So ‘keep on keeping on’.

There are so many techniques and practices given to help arrive at this point of STILLNESS.  My suggestion is not to get overwhelmed by anything that is remotely complicated.  Keep it simple.

You will arrive at that point of stillness if you practice those first two steps.  Practice sincerely and regularly. Once you start it gets easier.

If you are not listening already, try the Relaxation track on my Peaceful Living album (see below)  You can listen free of charge!

Tune in again next week and in the meantime…..enjoy the stillness.

With love Joanne